Revolutionary DIVORCE RECOVERY PROGRAM Now Available

Revolutionary DIVORCE RECOVERY PROGRAM Now Available.


How TWEET it is! A business necessity

Well if you can’t beat ’em, you might as well join ’em. I am officially a BABY BOOMING TWEETER. If you are anything like I am, the curiosity was driving me crazy, and being out of the KNOW, was completely UNACCEPTABLE. How can TWEETING be a business necessity today?


TWEETING effectively is an intellectual and creative challenge.

TWEETING must be strategic, psychologically informed and follow TWITTER etiquette.

TWEETING must be focused on the reader not the writer.

TWEETING must offer something helpful, useful, interesting or inspiring.

TWEETING is not a spectator activity.

Since TWEETING over the last month, I have developed an enthusiastic “addiction” to the learning process. So many TWEETERS are providing fascinating, interesting, helpful, and dynamic information. As I have grown my list of followers and following tweeters, I have expanded my own business horizons seeing what other entrepreneurs are doing. The creativity involved is very stimulating.

The following links have been enormously helpful in the growing and learning process:   5 Things to grow your twitter list  Publicity Insider    The Psychology of Twitter

Have some fun with TWITTER and watch your focused efforts grow your connections, your business and most importantly, your knowledge.





Personal Branding vs. Business Branding

As you step out into the business world hoping to create success, you may ask yourself which route of branding is right for you. Should you brand yourself or your company?

The answer to that isn’t as simple as choosing one or the other. You must look at the pros and cons of doing each, and figure out which path is best for you.

Personal branding is when a person uses his/her name for their company or business. By using one’s name as a career choice, it singles that person out from the crowd of competitors in the same field. Branding yourself makes the selling process all about YOU, so make sure you do all of these things in order to be a success:

  • Dress to impress – look professional in a suit and dress shoes
  • Always be prepared and organized
  • Do not publicize any personal information you do not want to be associated with your professional life – photos, statuses, comments, etc. from online community sites (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter)
  • Believe in yourself and what you are selling

For more information on personal branding, a good source to check out is William Arruda, a man known as “the personal branding guru.”

Business branding is a little bit different than personal branding – instead of selling oneself to others, you must sell your company. This is done through simple things like establishing a logo and specific colors, making it easier for people to remember your brand if your advertisements are all coordinated. An important factor in selling your company is to build trust within your company’s name so clients will feel comfortable returning to you for service; and through that, clients will help get the word out about your business and deliver positive feedback about your assistance.

Tips that are listed above for personal branding can most certainly be used for business branding, also. Whether you decide to brand yourself or your a company, always remember to be confident in what you are selling. A confident you will bring confidence in all that relates to you.

Renaissance Communications was established in 2010 in response to the 2009 challenged economic environment for small business and entrepreneurs.

With a mission to provide business solutions for today’s entrepreneur faced with having to do more with fewer dollars than any other time in recent history.

he recession that we are experiencing is forcing small business owners to work harder for less reward. Entrepreneurs need to have a competitive edge in today’s market place; to grow and to actually stay in business.

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